Why Lord?

Just trust Me

Today, knowledge is at our fingertips…literally!  When we want to know something like how to make five star steak, where do we go?  We go to Google!  Google allows us to have information instantly!  No more spending hours and hours trying to figure things out!  The answers are all at our fingertips…or are they?

Oftentimes we can get impatient in our prayer life because God allows things to happen to us and to people we love that we simply do not understand!  We try and try to have the answers in life…we ask God to provide us with answers about our life…but we just find we are empty and cannot see.  How often we ask in our prayer life: “Why Lord?  Why have you allowed this to happen?”  

There are some questions that not even Google can answer!  There are some things that can only be answered in deep prayer and communion with our Lord.  Sometimes the Lord wants us to stop trying to figure everything out!  Many times we are so focused on the problem that we stop believing that God is taking care of everything… if we let him.

Jesus once said to St. Gemma Galagani: “Do you know daughter for what reasons I send crosses to souls dear to me?  I desire to possess souls entirely and for this I surround them with crosses and enclose them in tribulation.”  This is amazing!  Through the cross we discover how to love…what it means to love and through carrying our crosses with patience we become great saints! 

I remember a time in my Religious Life where I was struggling with desiring what God wanted.  God made it so clear to me that something was not His will, and yet I could not bring myself to want what God wants.  A common question that was in my mind was: “Why Lord?  Why is it that I am desiring something that is good, and yet it doesn’t seem like you want me to have it?”  One of the Sisters told me about the above image where Jesus is asking the little girl to give her teddy bear.  He is asking her to trust Him because she could not see that He had something more amazing coming to her…a bigger teddy bear.  Sometimes, there is something that we really love and in our pride we are afraid to give it to God with the trust that He knows what He is doing and He will give us even more then we could ever imagine!  Sometimes, part of not knowing, part of being in darkness is learning to give God our little teddy bear trusting that He is going to give us an even bigger teddy bear!

If we want to have a real life example of this, look at St. Monica, the mother of St. Augustine.  Monica prayed for her son for 30 years that he would be converted, settle down and get married.  But God gave her more then she was ever expecting!  Augustine converted, but not only that, he became a bishop and a Doctor of the Church!  The whole Catholic Church looks to the teachings and writings of St. Augustine who after his conversion grew in wisdom and came to know truth!  This is because of the prayers and tears of a mother who just wanted her son to come back to God!  God gave her more then what she asked for!

We are a people who struggle a great deal with faith.  I heard a quote from St. Thomas Aquinas recently that made a lot of sense, “To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary, but to one without faith, no explanation is enough.”  We seek answers so quickly!  To remain in the silence and darkness of faith seems too risky…too uncertain.  The fact is, perhaps we need to focus more on the things that are certain, rather than the things that are uncertain.  What can we be certain about?  God loves me.  God can only will what is good for me.  God forgives me and redeems me.  God is mercy!

Much of our prayer life consists in learning how to want what God wants.  We need to make the following words real in our own lives: “Not as I will but as you will Lord.”  Only then will we  have peace…

If anyone has prayer intentions that they would like to share, feel free to write them in the comments box below.  They only come to the SOLI Sisters comment box and so they will remain anonymous and no one else can see them.  Our Sisters would love to pray for you! 


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