God is not “Google”


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Have you ever had something that you wanted so badly that you prayed and prayed and PRAYED for it!! I once spoke with a lady who was sad because people do not know God.  She commented on how people today can just go to “Google” and get all the information they want!”  That made me think about the fact that we cannot use God as if He is Google.  God is not Google!  God is Love!  We can know a lot about God, but do we really know Him?  Have we allowed ourselves to seriously encounter Him in prayer?

So what is our prayer life like?  Why do we pray?  I think we all know deep inside that prayer is more then just asking things from God.  Prayer is relationship!

Sometimes we do get what we pray for, and we are so happy and full of life that God answered our prayer!  Perhaps you lost something, and you prayed so hard that God would help you find that lost thing…and you find it!  Maybe you were praying so hard that God would help you find a husband, a man like St. Joseph…and He did.  Perhaps you were praying so hard for your children to go back to Church, and finally after 10 years of praying they finally tell you, “I have started praying to God again.”  These are moments where we can show gratitude to God for!  God answered our prayer!

Sometimes, we do get what we pray for…but we realize that what we prayed for was actually not what we really wanted.  For example, perhaps you prayed really hard for a certain job or position in the company with the intention of being perfectly happy…you got it, but you did not expect to be working overtime, having stress everyday with customers and employees, and having to keep up with everything.  Perhaps you were really praying hard for God to send snow…lots of snow…you think it is beautiful…and God sends it, and then you are sorry afterwards because there is a major power-outage, you have lots of snow to shovel, and everywhere is slippery with ice!!

Sometimes we do not get what we pray for…sometimes what we are praying for is not God’s will, or we are asking for things with the wrong motive.  God wills our good!  He can only want what is good for us.  Sometimes what we ask for is something that is not good for us.  We must not be discouraged when we do not always get what we want or what we ask for.  This is a good opportunity to love…even if I do not get from God what I am asking for, I will love God anyway!

Sometimes, God is asking us to wait a while before our prayer is answered.  We need to persevere in prayer and never lose heart…we need to persevere in prayer because this will help us have greater faith and trust in the Lord that He will provide.  God will take care of it!  Sometimes we can have a tendency to live in our head,  and try to make things happen the way we want them too.  This is very exhausting!  It is much better to bring our petition to the feet of Jesus and leave it at His feet, trusting in Jesus to take care of it!

Sometimes, we do not see the fruits of our prayers…we don’t always know how our prayers are helping other people.  We do not always see the conversions that are happening, the people who are turning back to God in faith.  We do not always see the fruits of bringing a soul to God in prayer and saying, “I offer up this sacrifice for this person…it is worth feeling a little pinch of suffering in order for this person to become a saint.”  St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta says, “Love until it hurts.”

What matters most is the intention that we offer our prayers and sacrifices with.  If our intention is always out of love, we can be sure that thousands of souls are being saved.  If you do one thing today…just one thing… a small act of charity and generosity out of love, you can be sure that souls are being saved.  Cleaning a mess, offering a smile to someone when you do not feel like it, taking out the garbage are some examples of things that are unpleasant in our every day life that, if we offer them up to God, can become moments where souls are being saved.  For example, if you offer a smile to someone you do not feel like smiling to, and you offer that up to God with great love for another person, you can be sure that God takes that offering and pours out His Mercy and Grace for that person and on the whole world!

The point of prayer is not to get things that we want.  No, that would be using God as if He is “Google.”  The point of prayer is to have a deep and personal relationship with God.  God is seeking to help us want what He wants for us.  We need to understand that God can only will what is good for us!

Only at the end of our lives will we see what God did with all of our prayers and sacrifices.  Let us not waste opportunities to show the Lord that we love Him tremendously!  Let us learn to practice patience…God hears all of our prayers, He knows the desires of our hearts!

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