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May is the month of many graces!  Especially when we consider the graces that come from the prayers of Our Blessed Mother Mary and St. Joseph.  Of course, May is the month of Mary where we as her children sing the praises of God that He gave us His Mother to be our Mother too!  We pray that Mary will help us to love her Son just as she does.  On May 1st we celebrate the Memorial of St. Joseph the Worker where we honor the call of St. Joseph, His wonderful vocation to be the husband of Mary and protector and guardian of Jesus!  We pray that St. Joseph will help all of us, no matter what vocation we are called to, that in living out our vocation faithfully God will be glorified!!  I am sure that St. Joseph thanked God everyday for his vocation.  I am sure he was grateful everyday for the gift of being able to look into the eyes of His King, Redeemer and Saviour and as His provider and guardian, love Jesus as a father.  I am sure he thanked God everyday that he could look into the beautiful, tender and loving eyes of Mary, for he could not have found a more beautiful wife to love.  He had the great honor of providing for the Son of God and His Beloved Mary!  He is such a powerful intercessor!!  Short story about him…  One of our Sisters in community said that she prayed a simple prayer everyday to St. Joseph for a while asking him to intercede for her brother to become a priest.  Dedicating his life to God through becoming a priest was not on his radar at all, however St. Joseph certainly interceded!!! He is now a priest and a Vocation Director in a Diocese in Canada.  What a miracle!!!

In the upcoming weeks, in honor of the vocations of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph, we are going to be talking about your questions on Religious Life.  I want to hear from all of you!!!!  What, are those questions about Religious Life that are just burning inside of you that you have always wanted to ask a Sister?  Now is your chance!!!

Please submit your questions about Religious Life!!  There is a “Leave a Reply” tab at the bottom of this article so just click on it and fill out the information and submit your questions!!  In answering your questions, I will keep your name and information anonymous so no worries about that!!!  I will be looking at it everyday, so don’t be shy!!! I look forward to hearing from you!

Please don’t miss this opportunity to get the inside scoop about the life of a Bride of Christ!!!!

I am also including a link for you to pray with the Canadian Bishops the Consecration of our country to the Blessed Virgin Mary in time of Pandemic.  May she intercede for us!!!

Here it is!!!


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