Meet the Vocation Directress

I would like to welcome you to our vocation page.  Just making it this far is already a sign that you are at least open to the idea that God may be calling you to this beautiful and radical way of life.

My first profession of vows was in September 2009, and what a beautiful and joy-filled day that was.The journey to that day however, as anyone who is discerning a vocation would know, was a long one filled with many hills as well as many valleys.The Lord has bestowed upon each of His children the call to holiness and it is through the process of discernment that one can come to know and understand how one is being specifically invited by the Lord to live this out. God's gentle call to religious life that you may have felt or are currently feeling in your heart right now, may have caught you by surprise and thus you may have had or may still have a sense of fear and doubt about it. Don't worry you are not alone.This too was my initial response, as well as the response of many who have also made this journey.

God is the one Who calls us and invites us to the religious life and just as in any relationship, we have to takethe time and make the effort to get to know and to trust that person. This is especially true with our relationship with Our Lord. Our knowledge and love of Him grows with the time that we spend before Him in the Holy Eucharist, with reading the Scriptures, by frequenting the Sacrament of Confession, by attending Mass, and through a meaningful prayer life. It will also be a great help in your discernment process for you to seek out a good spiritual director, or at least a good confessor who can help you along your journey of discerning the call to the religious life, if you have not done so already.

As Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate, we have a great devotion to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and to Mary His Mother. I know that they will give you the strength and courage to discern the call to the religious life and to say yes to the will of God for you.

Whether you are just starting the process of discernment, or are already convinced of your calling to the religious life and are now looking for the community that God may be calling you to, my hope is that I will in some way be able to help you in even a little way along your journey of discernment.

In Our Lady,
Sr. Teresa Joseph,Vocation Directress
Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate
640 Hillview Road Cambridge,ON N3H 5H3
(519) 653-6752





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