Sr. Mary Pio, SOLI

Temporary Professed

I was born and raised in Haiti. I am the second child of four children. After my first Holy Communion, I felt a great desire to be closer to Jesus. When my family and I moved to the States, even the culture was so different, but the desire to serve God and the Church was still strong in me.

I believe I first felt a calling to Religious life when I was 18. Back then, I was so blind with worldly materials, and in my own selfishness, I pretended not to feel God tugging in my heart. I didn’t want to embrace my call, so I ran away from home, and the church.

I went to college to pursue the life that I wanted for myself. Until one evening, I was meditating, suddenly I felt this inner peace, and I heard this sweet voice in my heart, “Please come home to me.” His love and his presence was so strong; I knew it was Jesus talking to me. I wept a little bit, and I didn’t say anything. After my studies, I went back home. I remembered, I knelt down before my bed, and I said to Jesus” I am home, can we start over again my Lord.” In His merciful heart, He embraced me into His arms and welcomed me home to His loving Heart.

 I started to restore my relationship with Jesus through fervent prayers, devotions, and the rosary. I was with Him every day in adoration. I wanted to know Him personally. I started to develop an intimate relationship with Him. Then, the Lover of all lovers captured my heart, and I was in love with my Lord. He changed me interiorly and exteriorly, and people started to see the changes. One night in prayer, I asked Him for a sign of confirmation. Next morning, I picked up my bible to read some Psalms. As I opened the bible, the page felt into Isaiah 54. This inner voice told me to read it. The first part of the passage says” Sing O barren woman, who did not bear, break forth into singing and cry out aloud, you who have not been in travail. For the children of the desolate one will be more than the children of her that is married, says the Lord. Fear not for you will not be ashamed, For the Maker is your Husband, and the God Almighty is His name.” After I read that part, I felt like Jesus was right in front of me, asking me to be His alone. His love invaded me so strong, I knelt down with tears in my eyes, and I said “Lord here I am, I want to be yours forever.”

 I turned to my heavenly Mother to help me find the right community. One day, I was praying the rosary, in the last decade of the glorious mystery, I simply said “Mother please help me find a community.”  That same day, I had this urge to go search for community in the internet. The first site that opened was, the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate website. I felt this strong palpitation in my heart, and I knew I have to come and visit. My first visit was amazing, I felt this inner peace and joy, and I knew this was home. What drew me to the SOLI Sisters was the zeal and the love they show to serve God and others. I knew Jesus had brought me to His home.


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