srmariafaustinaSister Maria Faustina
Moncton, New Brunswick
Finally Professed


Throughout my early adult years I would always ask my mother, "Why haven't I found a husband yet?" and she'd reply, "Maybe God has other plans for you." We just didn't know what they were. I was 19 when I first felt I was being called. I didn't really have the desire yet; I just really felt like I was meant to be a Nun. I mentioned my concerns to my brother and he told me it was a call from God. I started corresponding with a Sister in Ontario, but I guess I wasn't ready to make the step forward at the time. I stopped writing, and never really gave it another thought.

It wasn't until August 2002, when I was visiting with my sister who worked at the Sisters' mission house in Nova Scotia that I found myself very interested and attracted to the Sisters and their lifestyle. So I started asking questions about their vocations and how they found this Community. One of the Sisters suggested that maybe I had a vocation. I said no, but she asked me to pray about it. After I returned home, I did start praying about it and I even began corresponding with one of the Sisters at the Mother House in Cambridge, Ontario on a regular basis. After some months of praying and discerning I came to visit for one week. It was then that I made my decision to apply.

I joined in January 2003, and I remained for 2 and a half months , but due to certain circumstances, I felt it would be better if I left. After I returned home, I still really felt God calling me-- even louder at times! After a few more months of prayerful discerning I realized that, compared to God, the world really had nothing to offer me which would make my saying no to God's invitation worthwhile. So I made arrangments to re-enter in September. I entered on Our Lady's birthday, September 8, 2003 and I've been enjoying my life in the service of the Lord ever since.My prayer is that my fellow sisters and I will grow more and more in our love and desire for God.

Sister Maria Faustina



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