Sister Margaret Mary

Westville, Nova Scotia

Temporary Professed

Even though I grew up in a close-knit Catholic family and actively practiced my Faith, a Religious vocation was the farthest thing from my mind.  Everyone in my family, including myself, felt that because of my great love for children, it would just be a matter of time before I would meet a “good” young man (one who was just as or more “Catholic” than I was), get married and be one of “those” families who have enough kids to have their own sports team!

As time wore on, I slowly became aware that God had other plans for me.  I began to realize that although I was deeply attracted to marriage, I felt as if God had placed into my little heart more love than a family of my own could satisfy.  That He was whispering, calling me to do something more with my life, calling me to share this great love with the entire world.  The more that I tried to share this love with others, the more I felt like even this wasn’t enough.  As you can imagine, this took me quite by surprise and it completely confused me.  It was then that I finally began to consider that I might be called to Religious Life – and the very thought scared me to death.  I did my best to avoid thinking about this, but the call of Love just kept getting louder and louder and soon I could avoid it no longer.  Once I said “well maybe”, Our Blessed Mother quickly stuck her foot in the door of my heart before I could change my mind again.  Then she flung it wide open for her Son to enter (she is of course the perfect Mother and knows exactly what her children need).  Once Love entered, I could resist no more.  Thanks be to God that Love is patient.  Six long years had passed before I entered our SOLI family.  Now five years later I am “officially” engaged, and please God will finally one day marry my perfect Spouse and become His bride.  It still takes my breath away at the thought of becoming the bride of Love itself, and it all started with Love’s gentle call.  


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