"Fiat" Online Discernment Group

"Fiat" Online Discernment Group


What many people find very helpful is the possibility to discern God’s call in the community of others who are also discerning.  This is where you would ask to be a part of a discernment group or a vocational retreat experience.  Praying with others and listening to how the Lord is working in their lives can bring some clarity to your own vocation.


Gathering on the Second Saturday of the month, the Sisters hold the "Fiat" Online Discernment Group!  This is an opportunity for us to ask “What Vocation is the Lord calling me to live?”  In this discernment group, we ask Our Blessed Mother Mary to help us always say "Yes" to the Lord!  There are a wide range of topics that will be discussed such as developing our prayer life, tips on discernment, overcoming fears in discernment etc...  This discernment group is meant to help all of us discover the beauty and gift of every vocation: Marriage, Single Life, and Consecrated Life.

Discernment Group gathers Online on the Second Saturday of every month 11:00 am-11:30 am

For More Information please contact:

Sr. Maria Immaculata, Vocation Directress

Email: vocations@solisisters.ca



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