Community Life

"Our Life is a sharing in the charity of Christ, in His love for the Father and for His brothers and sisters, a love forgetful of self".  - Fraternal Life in Community

Community life is a very important aspect of our religious life. The fraternal life unites all the members into a special family in Christ. Like the members of the Early Church, the sisters strive to exemplify in their lives the love and respect which first gave utterance to the New Testament passage "See how these Christians love one another". We endeavor to follow the life lived in the humble abode at Nazareth where there reigned perfect harmony of mind and heart. 

staugustine"We urge you who form a religious community to put the following precepts into practice. Before all else, live together in harmony (Ps.67:7) being of one mind and one heart (Acts 4:32) on the way to God. For, is it not precisely for this reason that you have come to live together?" Rule of St. Augustine, Ch.1, #1-2

Like many other religious families today, the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate follow the Rule of the Great St. Augustine. For St. Augustine, an ideal Community is one that reflects the life of the first christian community of believers spoken of in the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 4:32) , being of one mind and one heart, on the way to God. 



Community life is much more than merely working, praying and eating together. The sisters are each responsible for the upbuilding of one another in love and in the striving after perfection through their mutual encouragement and good example. Our Mother Foundress , Mother Mary Josephine and our Father Founder Father Ryan were edifying examples for us of true humility, charity, simplicity and obedience in following faithfully the Will of God in their lives. We pray through their intercession for us, their spiritual children, that we too may grow in our love for God, in our love for our vocations, and in our love for one another as a spiritual family.





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