2016 Annual Retreat with Father Louis Guardiola of the Fathers of Mercy


What a blessing to have Father Louis of the Fathers of Mercy in South Union, Kentucky with us to guide our annual retreat this year. Father’s main apostolate in his community is to promote Eucharistic Adoration through his missions and retreats. Father studied under the great Father John Hardon, SJ and said it was through Father Hardon’s guidance that he joined the Fathers of Mercy. Thank you Father Louis for sharing your deep faith and love for Our Lord in the Eucharist.

SOLI Sisters Make First Profession of Vows

On the joyous Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, March 25, 2014, Sr. Marie John Paul and Sr. Mary Michael made their First Profession of Vows. His Excellency Bishop Matthew Ustrzycki presided over the ceremony with Fr. Wojciech Kuzma as Master of Ceremonies. Also present was Fr. Stephen Crowley, Fr. Paul Casullo, Fr. Timothy Higgins, and Fr. Michael Downey. During the ceremony, the Sisters received the blue veil of a professed Sister, their crucifix, as well as their Rosary that is part of our habit, and the Constitutions of the community.  The Sisters’ were blessed that so many of their family members and friends were in attendance.

There followed a beautiful reception to celebrate this wonderful occasion.  The newly professed Sisters shared their vocation stories with all those who were present.  A special birthday surprise – a delicious cake – was also presented to his Excellency as he has the beautiful privilege of celebrating his birthday on such a glorious feast day.  May Sister Marie John Paul and Sr. Mary Michael continue to be blessed as they move forward towards Total Consecration.



Priestly and Religious Vocations in the Diocese of Hamilton

Authored by John Perdue
Throughout the course of his 63-year priestly ministry, Father William Loyd Ryan (1917-2003) tirelessly laboured to encourage priestly and religious vocations in the Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario. Besides co-founding the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate, a vibrant young community of women religious, Father Ryan fostered the vocations of several bishops and priests still active in ministry today. Father Ryan provides a unique example of a priest who successfully encouraged vocations both before and after the Second Vatican Council. This book explores the locus of his success in vocation promotion. It will provide inspiration to those who worry about the future of vocations and example to those who wish to assist others in answering God’s call.

Blessed Feast of St. Augustine!

Give me yourself, O my God, give yourself to me. Behold I love you, and if my love is too weak a thing, grant me to love you more strongly. I cannot measure my love to know how much it falls short of being sufficient, but let my soul hasten to your embrace and never be turned away until it is hidden in the secret shelter of your presence. This only do I know, that it is not good for me when you are not with me, when you are only outside me. I want you in my very self. All the plenty in the world which is not my God is utter want. Amen.
~ St. Augustine

Did you know that the SOLI Community follows the Rule of the Great St Augustine? This powerful Bishop, Doctor and Saint of the Church has had a profound effect on the history of consecrated life in the Western Church. Although most people know him by these three esteemed titles and from his writings, particularly his Confessions and writings defending the Faith, many do not realize that St. Augustine was a man who only wanted to live and die as a simple monk. His conversion was closely tied to a deep desire to live a life consecrated to God as a religious. The intensity of his love can be read in his writings and when he is depicted in art you will notice that he is often seen holding a burning heart…his own, aflame with love for the Lord who had sought him and transformed him from being a lover of the world to a lover of Love Himself.

“At first, I was nothing, and He made me; I had been lost, and He sought me out; seeking me, He found me; when I was captive, He redeemed me; having purchased me, He freed me; from being a slave, He made me His brother”. ~ St. Augustine

Final Profession of Vows of Sister Michael Daniel, SOLI

With great joy the community celebrated the Final Profession of Sister Michael Daniel on August 15th, the great Solmnityof the Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven. Many thanks to our dear friend Bishop Matthew Ustrzycki for celebrating the Holy Mass and to all our friend priests and deacon who were able to join us for this special occasion. Congratulations Sister!!

SOLI General Chapter 2013

The SOLI Community wishes to thank everyone for all your prayers for our 4th General Chapter which took place at the Mother House of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Hamilton. The sisters joyfully announce that Mother Dorothy has been re-elected as Mother General, and Sister Elizabeth Marie elected First Councillor and Assistant General. Other Councillors elected were Sister Bernadette, Sister Mary Catherine and Sister Maria Faustina. The Sisters would especially like to thank Father Ken Rae, Canonist of the Diocese of Peterborough, for being with us throughout the proceedings of the Chapter, encouraging us and sharing his love for Holy Mother Church and the consecrated life. God bless you Father! Thank you also to the wonderful Sisters of St. Joseph for all your kindnesses and love and for opening your home to us for this special event in our community’s life. May St. Joseph bless you abundantly!

Another Chapter in Our Life…

The SOLI Community is very grateful to Monsignor Charles Mangan of the Diocese of Sioux Falls, South Dakota for spending the last four days with us here in Cambridge to help us spiritually prepare for our upcoming General Chapter, giving three conferences each day, offering Holy Mass and leading us in Holy Hours of Adoration with benediction. May God bless him and Mary Keep him!