Opening the Doors of Faith…


We open doors everyday!  Just think about it…we open so many doors everyday!… the doors to our house, cars, office buildings, and churches.  Doors are everywhere!!  Indeed, open doors say a lot…when someone has an opened door, it is usually to say, “welcome!”  “Come on in!”  “Happy to see you.”  But it is also possible to close doors…lock them…or even slam them!…  Jesus is steady knocking on the doors of our hearts.  How do we respond?  Do we welcome Him in with open arms…or do we lock the doors of our hearts.  How do we open the doors of our hearts?  Through faith.

I once heard a priest say a few words that had a big impact on me. I will never forget what he said on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.  He said “obedience leads to faith and faith leads to healing.”  When we obey God and his commands, it brings life to our soul and increases our faith in Him as a loving Father who wants the good for us.  Faith leads to healing in our lives.  Jesus, before performing a miracle of healing would ask: “Do you believe I can do this for you?”  Our response of faith moves the Sacred Heart of Jesus!  When we open the door to faith, the Holy Spirit can really act in us, bring us peace and transform us so that we have the love of Christ.

As I was looking at the various comments for this Blog on the comment board, I was asked to elaborate more on the blog post entitled “The Voice of Truth” which was written in March.  Perhaps I may speak a bit more about faith.

Faith opens the door to Christ.  It enlightens us in our spiritual journey and helps us to see God as Father.  Faith is a journey which begins with our Baptism and ends in death.  Through our Baptism, we entered into a home, the Church.  Faith is also an encounter with a Person.  YOU ARE LOVED BY LOVE ITSELF and God comes to meet you.  Coming to this truth, and this encounter with the Lord we can say with boldness: “I am loved…my life has meaning…my life is a gift and I rejoice that I have existence…”

Faith has two objects namely the formal object and the material object.  The formal object is God Himself whom we encounter and He reveals to us the secrets of His heart.  The material object would be the Divine mysteries which the Church articulates in the articles of Faith professed in the Creed.  We can think of the material object of faith as the truths in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Doctrine.  When we profess our faith we encounter God and help others to do the same.

There are some truths that are known through objective evidence…to deny them would be to deny reality… for example: fire is hot, grass is green, the Toronto Maple Leafs are the best hockey team (just kidding to the last one!)  But there is another way of knowing that is a free choice: the mind is moved by the heart.  This is a knowledge that is based on trust.  I trust the testimony of certain people.  Let’s take Marriage as an example.  Marriage is based on Faith.  The spouses do not know what the future will hold, so they must have faith in God that he will take care of them.  Hopefully, couples will come to know each other well enough and are able to trust each other before they are married so that they can trust each other to be faithful until death.  They believe and trust each other, because they love each other.

God our Father has taught us many truths.  We believe them because love moves our mind to assent to these divine truths.  The Heart moves the mind to assent to the truths.

Faith is very obscure.  It entails believing in certain supernatural mysteries that are above our comprehension.  It is almost like teaching someone born blind what colours look like…it goes beyond their comprehension…because they cannot see.  Man normally comes to know things through His senses.  However, the mysteries of Faith like the Trinity and the Incarnation go over and above our senses.  Our mind is always restless because we want to see God.  Our mind must humbly submit to what we cannot see and our heart must look forward to the day where we will see.  St. Augustine once said, “Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”  God has revealed that He is infinitely good and he wants to share Himself with us, so he calls our heart to move our mind in assenting to the Divine Truths that he has revealed to us.

Overall, we need to trust God who is our loving Father.  Union with God is our goal for He is the first cause of all things, keeping all of our souls in being.  Our obedience to Him is a loving obedience that animates our soul with God’s own life.  We receive a supernatural union through grace where the soul is able to take on the likeness of God.  When we are fixed on God and detached from all creatures, we experience the transforming power of love in our lives.  In order for this to happen, we need to encounter the Word who is Jesus Himself and have confidence and Faith in all that He has revealed to us.  There are times where we will have questions about what we believe and why we believe it.  We must pray, “I believe Lord, help my unbelief!” Jesus normally asks in the Gospels before he performs a healing, “Do you believe I can do this for you?” We need to believe in the love and mercy of God…then miracles happen.  He has given us everything when He sent Jesus into the world!  Our hearts must turn over to the Lord: “I believe Lord because you are Truth.”

So will you open the door of your heart to Jesus today?…

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