God’s Masterpiece

Ringing in the New Year With Our Blessed Mother Mary!signed Mary Mother of God- by Sr Mary Isidore

A New Year means a fresh new beginning!  A new start!  New beginnings mean new adventures, and new resolutions!  The Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate are very excited to have our Blog up and running in this new year of 2020!  We would like you to join us as we embark on a journey of faith, where we will reflect on the great love that God has for us, grow in our relationship with Him through prayer and Scripture reading, and finally meet some of the most amazing people that ever lived, the saints!

God calls us to be on this great adventure of life!  Some adventures will bring great happiness to our lives and some adventures may be more challenging.  It seems only right to consider a woman who went on the greatest adventure of all time, who experienced both joys and sorrows.  She is God’s Masterpiece: Mary.

This month of January we celebrate her as Theotokos….Theo what????  Yes, you read right… Theotokos which means God-bearer: Mary is the Mother of God.  We can say that she is God’s Masterpiece meaning she is full of grace, conceived without stain of original sin.  God wanted to make His Mother perfect…so HE DID!! They say that Mothers know everything…sometimes you think they have some special superpowers… at least that is the experience that I had with my own mother growing up.  She always knew when I was happy, upset, hungry or sleepy…I am telling you…SUPERPOWERS!!!!  How much more is this the case with Mary!  She is with us always…we can bring all our prayers and petitions to her.  She knows what we need and she is the greatest example of what it means to be a woman of God.  She is God’s Masterpiece, who is full of grace!  We should resolve to pray to her frequently this year, asking for her motherly care upon all of our endeavors.

God gave us a beautiful example to follow in the Blessed Virgin Mary!  Ask her everyday to be with you and accompany you, but most importantly ask her to help you come to know and love Jesus more.  May we follow her example of adoration of God, her charity toward others, and her love for God.  May this new year bring many adventures and may those adventures be hand-in hand with our Blessed Mother Mary.

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