A Music Divine

God bless you Uwe!

Our Community was blessed to have Maestro Uwe Lieflander ( Founder of the Sacred Music Society here in Canada) stay with us for this past week, sharing his love and passion for the beauty of Sacred Music. Uwe may be more known to some of you as the conductor of the 500 voice World Youth Day choir that sang for the Papal Mass in Toronto back in 2002. Uwe also runs The Sparrows Choir Schools in Toronto, Peterborough, Ottawa, Pembroke, Chapeau and Barry’s Bay.

From Monday to Friday the sisters thoroughly enjoyed their daily five hours of lectures, sight reading and singing classes which focused on Gregorian Chant, and some of the most beautiful pieces of sacred music by Mozart, J.S. Bach, and Dubois, Franck and more! Here are a few highlights from our week!