The Apostolate of Religious


The Apostolate of all religious consists primarily in the witness of their consecrated life,

which they are bound to foster through prayer and penance". -Code of Canon Law

Being called to a life of consecration and being freed by the profession of vows, the Sisters devote themselves to the service of the Church. All Christians are called to love one another and share one another's burdens, however, the religious has a special mandate to exemplify the life and spirit of Christ in her service to mankind and to the needs of the Church.



In the lives of the saints, the Sisters find beautiful examples of labor for God. The work of the Sisters is whatever they are assigned to by obedience: to study, care for the elderly, teach catechism, do the housework etc. All their tasks should be done with care, with a loving heart, as something fit for God. Every day is to be spent for Him, in His presence. It is He who calls each to their duties. Silently and unknown to others they ask His help to perform the duty according to His Will. 




"Your first work of course is to become holy, and then comes your apostolic work".
- Father Lloyd Ryan, Founder





"Today we listened to a tape by Father Hardon on "The Cost of Sharing Christ". It was based on the life and writings of St. Paul. He bore trials, crosses and sufferings in order to make Christ known and loved. This is also our life. We must be willing to put ourselves aside for the love and good of others, especially for their eternal salvation". - From a letter to our Sisters by Mother Mary Josephine, Foundress



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